AQUA-TECH Dam, Pond + Water Storage Containment Sealer

AQUA-TECH Dam, Pond + Water Storage Sealer provides a highly effective and very convenient solution for containing and sealing leaking dams, amenity ponds, irrigation water stores and races, hydro-electric power canals and ski area snow-making facilities no matter how big or small. Its unique blend of polymers can be applied directly without the need for water removal or mechanical intervention, or it can be incorporated into construction or redevelopment plans to maximise retention, wall stability and long term water efficiency.


Dam + Pond Sealer encourages water use efficiency by delivering a sealing solution that relies solely on simple application methods requiring no waiting time, no extra loss of precious water and no wasteful dumping of existing water. Dam + Pond Sealer is a blended formulation of polymer granules that are 99% water insoluble which become active immediately upon application. Dam + Pond Sealer is sucked into the dam’s cracks and porous areas through hydraulic forces. This results in a positive seal caused by the massive growth of the polymer’s particle size. This process is further enhanced with the packing of super fine suspended particles attracted by the unique charge built into the product.

Dam + Pond Sealer is easily applied to the surface water of a dam or pond without the need for draining. If the dam is not full then Dam + Pond Sealer may be applied to the existing water level. Once the dam’s top water level is achieved, a final application specifically over the untreated newly submerged banks can be carried out.


Aqua-Tech Dam + Pond Sealer is spread on the surface by hand or with an approved powder applicator. It can be applied to specific problem areas if the source of the leak can be identified or the entire dam can be treated.

A minimum rate of application is 75g/m2 calculated on the surface area of the dam’s full water level. Aqua-Tech Dam + Pond Sealer is best applied with water temperature above 5 C and where wind conditions are moderate.

In many situations the main problem for a leaking dam is loss of water through the base. With Aqua-Tech Dam + Pond Sealer the treatment of a dam can be tailored to suit the availability of water and budget. Although application of the product is straightforward technical staff at Aqua-Tech can help work out an application method specific to each dam and particular needs.

AGRI-LOGICS Dam & Pond Sealer


  • Creates a seal without the need to empty precious water.
  • Application of product is immediate, no site surveys or reliance on third parties required.
  • Treatment can be targeted directly at a suspected problem area rather than the entire dam.
  • Cost effective without the need for heavy expensive earthmoving equipment.
  • Can be applied to full or partially full dams.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Long life. Once polymers are in place they will become part of the dam structure and will take many years to break down


Appearance White powder/granules
pH 5-9
Solubility Insoluble in water
Storage temperature 5-30 C
Shelf Life 5 years