AQUA-TECH WATERBAC Algae Eliminator + Nutrient Control Water Clearer eliminates excess nutrients and organic matter that cause algae and disease build-up in water bodies such as dams, ponds, stock drinking troughs, residential water features and artificial swimming areas. The natural microbes also rapidly remove excess nutrients from freshwater and marine aqua-culture facilities that cause disease while promoting superior health of fish and shell-fish in these environments. WATERBAC stops the need for chemical dependency and is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly – WATERBAC from Green to Clean.


Aqua-Tech Waterbac Dam + Trough Water Clearer is a concentrated micro flora of B. subtilis (as found in the soil and most forestland streams) in a carbon/plant food base. Aqua-Tech Waterbac works by using the digestive power of a single family of beneficial microbes. These microbes feed on phosphorus, nitrogen, nitrates, ammonia and decomposing matter such as leaves as well as other contaminants like manures and fertiliser run-off. The presence of these nutrients may lead to the formation of algae and bad odours.

By reducing these unwanted nutrients commonly found in water bodies, the natural balance in the water is restored. Because of its multi-mode of action, other benefits may also become observable depending on the water source and environmental conditions.

Application of the product will consist of an initial inoculation dose followed by a maintenance program to keep the valuable water resource clean. A water analysis can be conducted to ensure compatibility and that the water source can sustain aerobic microbes. Generally, if water is safe for livestock or potable, Aqua-Tech Waterbac is suitable to use.

Note: It is important that water sources being considered for treatment should not have had pesticides, copper, chlorine or any other anti-microbial products applied before hand. Alternatively flush out thoroughly and refill before use.

How to Use: Half fill a bucket with room temperature water and add 10g sachets (max. 50) and gently mix for 15 minutes. Disperse mix over surface water and repeat to treat the rest of the area of water to be treated. Avoid application in the middle of the day or on high UV radiation days. Avoid agitation, stirring or pumping after application.

Dosage: For small shallow (less than 1m) bodies of water apply at a rate of 40g per 1,000L of water. For larger deeper (greater than 1m) bodies of water apply product at a rate of 10g per 1 m2. Extra doses may be required in hot and/or high nutrient load conditions.

Maintenance: Re-applications may be made at same rates, depending on water replenishment and nutrient load. A noticeable change can occur within a few days and up to a few weeks. The continued presence of Aqua-Tech Waterbac Dam + Trough Water Clearer in the treated body of water will be affected by dilution factors, the levels of nutrients present initially, and the ongoing addition of Aqua-Tech Waterbac. It is expected Aqua-Tech Waterbac will become a major part of any maintenance program to maintain a clean water supply.

Aqua-Tech Waterbac Dam & Trough Water Clearer


  • Efficiently removes excess nutrients and organic matter to create clearer and cleaner water.
  • Safe to use around domestic pets, livestock and wildlife.
  • Digests cell matrices of water pathogens leading to clearer water within days without the bad odors.
  • Degrades sludge and sediment.
  • Is effective under a range of conditions.
  • Easy to apply, dissolves readily.
  • Rapidly scavenges and utilizes Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the water column.
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Stops the cycle of chemical dependency and builds a healthier balanced ecosystem.


Appearance Black powder
Storage Temperature 5º-30ºC
Shelf Life 3 years
Pack Sizes 250g, 1kg, 6kg, 10kg