AGRI-LOGICInnovating Water Efficiency

AGRI-LOGIC and AQUA-TECH provide you with the world’s most effective and efficient water saving products ..........…. making what you have go further

   AQUA-TECH Dam, Pond + Water Storage Sealer          WATERBAC Algae + Nutrient Control          LAWN + PASTURE Water-saving Fertilisers

Innovative, functional, cost effective and environmentally sustainable solutions to sealing all types of water storage systems, eliminating excess water-nutrients and promoting drought tolerance in pasture and lawns……..proven in all industries and all environments……….including agricultural, horticultural, hydro-power generation, ski-industry, nursery, fresh-water and marine aqua-culture and home gardens world-wide

Our experienced team will optimise a solution specific to your problem no matter how big or small

Creating synergies between water use and water efficiency        making your resource work better         and go further

AQUA-TECH Dam + Pond Sealer
Water Storage Containment + Sealing

AQUA-TECH Dam & Pond Sealer

AQUA-TECH Dam, Pond + Water Storage Sealer provides a highly effective and very convenient solution for containing and sealing leaking dams, amenity ponds, irrigation water stores and races, hydro-electric power canals and ski area snow-making facilities no matter how big or small...


Algae Eliminator + Nutrient Control


AQUA-TECH WATERBAC Algae Eliminator + Nutrient Control Water Clearer eliminates excess nutrients and organic matter that cause algae and disease build-up in water bodies such as dams, ponds, pools, stock drinking troughs, artificial swimming areas and aqua-culture facilities......WATERBAC from Green to Clean


Water-saving Fertilisers

Crop care saving fertilizers

AQUA-TECH Lawn + Pasture Care Water Saving Fertilisers will give your new or existing lawn, pasture, crops and ornamental plants the best start in life. Their advanced and unique water-saving compounds will make your turf and plants more drought tolerant, giving them the ability to thrive under even the toughest conditions...


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